The Thousand Dreams

Studying illustrator and general weirdo. Creator of art in many forms and dreams on many nights.

Had a pretty crazy dream last night, here’s the rundown.

I’m on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, its a P&O ship like the Pride of Rotterdam/Hull (only ship I’ve ever been on) I’m travelling alone and I have a cabin below the waters surface, so the porthole looks out into the depths.

I’m sitting on the poop deck near the stern, smoking a cigar and drinking while looking out across the waves. The sea fills me with some deep feeling of wrongness that shakes me to my core, it’s too dark, too deep. My only comfort is the rumble of the engines and the foamy trail the ship leaves behind. But there’s something weird about it, the ship seems to be trailing dark liquid into the water, just far enough below the surface that I can’t make out the color.
I rush to the guard rail and the whoosh of the engines is deafening, and then I see it. A shape, a shadow, just something moving behind the ship, that I can’t quite see. I turn and shout but the noise is too much and it drowns out my warning.

When I look back the shape is gone. I return to my cabin and don’t speak a word of it to anyone, they’d think I was mad wouldn’t they? Surely it was just a whale, but I can’t escape the feeling of fear that precludes the thing I saw. I decide to gaze out of the porthole and see nothing but the blackness of deep ocean, it could be right there and I’d never know it.
I decide to ask the captain and make my way up through the ship. But then I start to notice things, there are pipes running from every room across the roof to what must be the engine room. They’re rusty and I can hear liquid gurgling along them. I follow one of the pipes and to my horror I see what I did not before, covering every surface, every chair, bed, handle and table are thousands of tiny needles. They’re sucking the fluid out of the passengers who are apparently oblivious and even the captain is impaled on his console.

I can’t take it anymore, the gurgling of the pipes and the slight sucking sound is driving into my mind like a drill. I run to the stern once more to see in the light of day the trail behind the ship once more in full vivid colour, the bright red of blood in water.

And there, gorging itself on the vitae of the crew is the thing in the water. Its mouth agape is like a black hole lined with triangular teeth. Its hulking bulbous form similar to that of a whale but with great red sacks of blood hanging off its sides. I tried to cry out but before the breath left my lungs it pulled me in and I fell into that gory abyss of teeth.

Then I woke up and had breakfast

The look on simons face sometimes






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Higher quality here

Tunnel vision


Higher quality here

Tunnel vision

Quick draft
song about Lancashire I quickly wrote :3
Apologies for Bad audio quality, horiffic singing.

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10 minute comic about big girls
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Skyrim has some impressive choreography 

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Random model drawing #2
Ink pen and brush
Random model drawing #1
3B pencil
Quick woodfairy edit from my new sketchbook.

The Humpback whale

Episode two done :) some flaws still but i’m learning this software pretty fast so they should get better