The Thousand Dreams

Studying illustrator and general weirdo. Creator of art in many forms and dreams on many nights.

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10 minute comic about big girls
BBb’s are the best
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Skyrim has some impressive choreography 

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Random model drawing #2
Ink pen and brush
Random model drawing #1
3B pencil
Quick woodfairy edit from my new sketchbook.

The Humpback whale

Episode two done :) some flaws still but i’m learning this software pretty fast so they should get better

Not much to do with this tower, though the third one looks like some weird rainbow man grinning.

I love towers :3

Yesss the pilot of my animation series is done,

there’s still a lot of rough edges but i know i can do it now!

Quick wolf and moon study

dizorubu said: excellent work!!! now do a house fly's face with a pastel colour scheme as well ? ?? pretty please! ! n_n hope u hav a nice day~!

Thanks yo :) I ended up doing a housefly so thanks for the tip, it has a really weird face a bit like a walnut and no antennae which is new for me…

Tried my best but i’m so crap with pastels, Hope you like it!

Finally got the ol’ Housefly done!
Thanks to leavesforeyes for the idea :)